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Magic Diaper Pail

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  • RUGGED AND ODOR-FREE: Designed in Holland and made of high-grade Polypropylene with a thick shell, our high-capacity baby diaper pail offers lasting durability and a superior odor-resistant system for a happy nursery
  • STINK BEGONE, HYGIENE ON: The patented Odor-Stop airtight system effectively seals unpleasant odors in the diaper disposal bin while acting as a barrier against pesky germs and bacteria. Your living space is always kept fresh and clean
  • SAVE MONEY AND THE PLANET: Our diaper pail works perfectly with any regular garbage bag, eliminating the need for costly cassettes or refills without compromising performance. You’ll be amazed at the considerable savings while contributing to a greener future
  • ONE HAND FREE LEVER: Designed for the juggling parent, Magic diaper trash can allows you to toss away the diaper while keeping one hand free for the little one. You won’t have to open lids, mess around with dirty stuff or worry about catching a nasty whiff. Just pop in the diaper, flip, and re-open
  • ROCK SOLID WARRANTY FOR A HAPPY YOU – we offer an industry-leading 2-year warranty ensuring peace of mind and an odor-free nursery. Your satisfaction is our commitment, no strings attached


Meet your new best friend in the world of diapers – the MAGIC high-capacity, smell-busting diaper pail. This isn’t your average run-of-the-mill bin; it’s engineered to handle the most challenging parts of parenting – the stinky, messy realities of a nursery.

Our diaper pail isn’t just about looks, it’s built to last. Constructed from high-grade Polypropylene, it features a sturdy, thick shell that’s ready to take a beating from the bustling activity of everyday life. And boy, can it hold a load of diapers, up to 25 of them! So, you won’t be making those endless trips to the outside trash can every day.

Now, let’s talk about the elephant in the room – diaper odors. We’ve got it covered. Our diaper pail is equipped with a patented Odor-Stop mechanism, a stealthy superhero that traps those foul smells inside while forming a solid barrier against germs and bacteria. Your nursery stays as fresh as a daisy, even when the pail is full. It’s like having an invisible cape of protection keeping your space fresh and clean.

One feature you’re going to love is our pail’s compatibility with any regular garbage bag. No need to chase down specific cassettes or costly refills. It’s all about simplicity and economy. Just grab your regular kitchen trash bags, and you’re good to go. No fuss, no unnecessary expenses. It’s about making life easier, not more complicated.

Disposing of diapers should be as easy as 1-2-3, and that’s what our diaper pail delivers. With your little one in one hand, you can conveniently ditch the diaper with the other. No wrestling with lids or getting up close and personal with the dirty stuff. And you can forget about unexpected olfactory surprises. Just pop the diaper in, flip, and voila – you’re ready to get back to enjoying those precious moments with your little one.

In a nutshell, MAGIC High Capacity, Smell-Busting Diaper Pail makes dealing with diapers a breeze. It’s strong, it lasts, it holds a ton, and it keeps smells and germs locked away. Plus, it’s friendly on your pocket. So why wait? Make your life a whole lot easier by making this diaper pail part of your baby toolkit today.



Black, Blush Pink, Clay, Cobalt Blue, Concrete, Graphite, Grass Green, Ice Blue, Lichen, Pigeon Blue, Pink, Sage, Sesame, Terracotta, White


High Grade Polypropylene


No cassette required; use any garbage bag


One +3 rolls of 15 bags

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Magic Diaper Pail - Blush Pink MG-200-CP-1 In Stock Blush Pink 0.00$
Magic Diaper Pail - Cobalt Blue MG-200-CB-1 In Stock Cobalt Blue 0.00$
Magic Diaper Pail - Concrete MG-200-CO-1 In Stock Concrete 0.00$
Magic Diaper Pail - Grass Green MG-200-GG-1 In Stock Grass Green 0.00$
Magic Diaper Pail - Ice Blue MG-200-IB-1 In Stock Ice Blue 0.00$
Magic Diaper Pail - Lichen MG-200-LI-1 In Stock Lichen 0.00$
Magic Diaper Pail - Pigeon Blue MG-200-PB-1 In Stock Pigeon Blue 0.00$
Magic Diaper Pail - Sage MG-200-SA-1 In Stock Sage 0.00$
Magic Diaper Pail - Sesame MG-200-SE-1 In Stock Sesame 0.00$
Magic Diaper Pail - Clay MG-200-CL-1 In Stock Clay 0.00$
Magic Diaper Pail - White MG-200-WH-1 In Stock White 0.00$
Magic Diaper Pail - Pink MG-200-BP-1 In Stock Pink 0.00$
Magic Diaper Pail - Black MG-200-BL-1 In Stock Black 0.00$
Magic Diaper Pail - Graphite MG-200-GR-1 In Stock Graphite 0.00$